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Nature has given you all the tools to enchant those around you with your beauty. With the help of permanent makeup, we can accentuate your natural beauty and camouflage imperfections.

The studio is equipped with high-quality equipment. Only the highest quality pigments are used during the work. These distinguish themselves

due to their special stability, and are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Local anesthesia is applied taking into account contraindications.



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Happy after permanent make up in Maastricht South Limburg


All permanent make-up work is performed exclusively in sterile conditions with disposable consumables.

After the treatment you will receive an aftercare package and a detailed explanation. 



your permanent

makeup specialist

 Comfort and safety of our customers comes first. We do everything we can to create the most ideal conditions.

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How is permanent makeup done? 

We can divide the procedure into a number of steps. 

 1.  Preparation


When you have booked your appointment   you will receive instructions from us to prepare yourself as well as possible.  Then we go together discuss what your wishes are, and what you would like. Do you want to see in advance how your eyebrows will look? click here    


  2.   Treatment


Before the treatment, we discuss your wishes again, and together we determine which style best suits your face.

We start by drawing your new eyebrow or lips, we do this carefully and we take the time for this. We always try to achieve the most natural result possible.
When everything is perfect, we start tattooing. 

  3.   Healing


After the treatment, we go through the aftercare together.
Aftercare is very important. To allow the treatment to heal as optimally as possible, for a good result, you should follow these instructions that are given in writing as closely as possible.

 4 .   After-treatment


To achieve the best results, a post-treatment is always necessary.
After 4-6 weeks the makeup is completely cured. At this point you will see that the pigment has faded quite a bit, and then it is time for the post-treatment. We always advise you to schedule an appointment after at least 4 weeks, but within 8 weeks. 

 5 .   Perfect Makeup


4 to 6 weeks after the treatment, the make-up has completely healed and you can enjoy your new, perfect, symmetrical eyebrows or lips.

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