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Extra information & aftercare



​In advance of the treatment, we plan an intake, then we discuss your wishes, and together we determine which style best suits your face.
During this intake I will also inform you about the aftercare.


After the intake, we start the treatment with cleaning and styling your natural eyebrows, so that they have their optimal shape when we start with the PMU.
Then we start drawing your eyebrow, we do this carefully and we take the time for this. We always try to achieve the most natural result possible.


To make this process as smooth as possible, I would like to ask you not to dye your eyebrows beforehand so that we can see your natural hair color. This is the best way for us to create a custom design.



⚠️ Before the treatment please:

Do not consume alcohol/energy drinks/strong coffee/blood thinners or alcohol.


After the treatment, we go through the aftercare together.
Aftercare is very important. To allow the treatment to heal as optimally as possible, for a good result, you should follow these instructions that are given in writing as closely as possible.

⚠️After the treatment we recommend:

  • Do not consume alcohol for 3 days, avoid sauna, sports, swimming pools (for hygiene reasons).

  • Do not let the eyebrows get wet for 3 days, so that the skin can recover optimally.

  • During the healing process (4-6 weeks) do not touch, scratch the treated area.




To achieve the best results, a post-treatment is always necessary.

After 4-6 weeks the eyebrows are completely healed. At this point you will see that the pigment has faded quite a bit, and then it is time for the post-treatment. We always advise you to schedule an appointment after at least 4 weeks.
Corrections can still be made during this post-treatment.

If you make an appointment for follow-up treatment within 2 months of having the PMU fitted, you will pay a reduced rate.

If you make an appointment later than 2 months after the treatment, I must charge for a full treatment.

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