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Book Your Tattoo Appointment

Thank you for choosing Imani Romana! We're ready to start your tattoo journey.

1. Choose a Date: Select a convenient date from the calendar below for your session.

2. Confirm Your Appointment: After selecting your date, confirm your details. You'll receive a confirmation email with all the necessary appointment information.

3. Get Ready: Please review our preparation guide to ensure you're all set for your tattoo day. If you have any questions or updates regarding your design, contact us anytime.

We can't wait to create your masterpiece!


  1. Start moisturizing your skin a few days before your appointment.

  2. Make sure you eat and drink beforehand. You can bring along some snacks or drinks.

  3. Dress comfortably and keep in mind that ink stains can happen. 

  4. No alcohol or drugs on the day of or the day before the appointment.


  • Please arrive on time, but not too early. (If you're early, enjoy exploring the city or grab a bite before your session.)

  • You can bring only 1 friend, maximum. Our cozy studio space is limited and we respect the privacy of all clients.

  • Minors (16-17) must be accompanied by a guardian. Bring your ID.

  • Eat well before your appointment.

  • Avoid tanning 48 hours before coming in.

  • Hygiene is important, therefore smoking, drinking, vaping is not allowed. 

  • No pets or children in the studio.



the price depends on factors like the size, placement, details of the tattoo. 


Starting fee : €80

Deposit: €25 — this will be deducted from the final price. The deposit is non-refundable.  

Design, work, protection film and aftercare is included in the price. 



Your tattoo may need a touchup after healing; this is normal. I recommend doing touch-ups when getting your next tattoo; I'll do it for free. 

If you take a break from getting new tattoos, I charge a €25 material fee within 8 weeks; after 8 weeks, the starting fee applies.






A deposit is required to book an appointment. Deposit is deducted from the final price at the end of the session. The deposit is non refundable.



48 hours notice is required to be able to reschedule an appointment.

If you do not give proper notice, your deposit will be lost.


Please note

Hygiene is important in our studio; smoking, drinking, children and pets are therefore not allowed. 


Full policy:

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