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Eyebrow Pencil IR: Find Your Perfect Match in Three Natural Shades

Discover the art of perfectly defined eyebrows with our premium eyebrow pencil, now available in three beautiful colors. Whether you want to create a daytime look or a night out look, we have the perfect shade for you, tailored to your unique hair color and eye color.

  • Dark Brown : Ideal for those with dark brown to black hair. This rich, deep shade complements dark eyes beautifully and provides a striking, dramatic look. Perfect for a night out or to make a statement.

    • Recommended for: Dark brown/Black hair, Dark eyes
  • Light Brown : This softer, subtle color is perfect for people with light brown to blonde hair. It compliments lighter eyes beautifully and provides a natural and sophisticated look, ideal for everyday use.

    • Recommended for: Light brown/Blond hair, Light eyes
  • Ash Brown : A unique and versatile shade that suits both cool and warm undertones. Suitable for all hair colors, but it works particularly well on gray, ash blonde or colored hair. This shade blends beautifully with any type of eye color, offering a bold, modern look.

    • Recommended for: Gray/Ash Blonde/Colored hair, All eye colors

Each pencil is carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients, for gentle application and long-lasting results. The fine tip ensures precise application, while the rich pigmentation provides an even, smudge-resistant finish. Whether you are a makeup professional or a beginner, these eyebrow pencils are an indispensable addition to your beauty routine.

Eyebrow pencil IR

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